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Compositions of Richard Errington

Hello, and welcome to my website. Thank you for visiting it. I'm new at this game, so hope it all makes sense!

I am an English musician living in S W France and have composed several songs (classical and lighter) for high and medium voices in French and English, all of which have been and still are being performed. There are also choral works - several a capella, but more recently with orchestral accompaniments. Working with a French librettist, I have composed  a Te Deum for solo soprano, Nun's chorus (or 3 part female chorus!) and string orchestra, a Requiem for full orchestra, solo sop.,and chorus and have started a Stabat Mater (same scoring) to be followed by a Salve Regina. All are in French. They are all fairly short and could be performed individually or as a whole work. I have written (in collaberation with the same librettist) a four act opera (Sanson et Dalilah) which is scored for soprano and tenor OR mezzo soprano and baritone soloists (or any combination, i.e. tenor and mezzo), chorus, string orchestra, harp and percussion. There is a piano reduction version of this work available. I have written a few piano pieces (piano being my main instrument) and have just completed 3 pieces for harp written for a harpist who lives near me.My style reflects my nature somewhat..... romantic and funny, but not always together! I haven't played around with experimental or atonal music much, but have started to explore it a little. I do have a habit of making most of my piano accompaniments rather difficult, but if I can play them.... plus, I do enjoy playing Rachmaninov!


08 October 2012, Article

New, finished, 4 act opera.....languishing!

I have composed a 4 act, two and a quarter hour long opera, Sanson et Delila, the words of which have been re-written by a French librettist from Nice. Delilah is a misunderstood woman rather than a wicked lady! We are hoping to make a demo disc of ...

08 August 2012, Article

Sound clips

Is it better to have a computer generated sound clip (of a reasonable standard) if one doesn't have a "real" recording, than have no sound clip at all? Personally, I don't mind computer generated sound. It just requires a little imagination on the part ...